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​ Facility information

At Yamauchi Dental Clinic, we are trying to create a dental clinic that makes you want to go with peace of mind so that you can eliminate the anxiety and resistance of patients as much as possible.
In order to dispel the negative image peculiar to the dental clinic, we use a lot of warm wood and give consideration to relaxing and going to the hospital in a bright and gentle atmosphere.

Please rest assured from babies to the elderly.

​Family clinic

We have a family room where you can wait while your child is playing while your mother is in the clinic, and you can enter with your siblings. (Picture books and toys are not kept to prevent infection)


​ Baby chairs and diaper changing sheets are available for restrooms.

The toilet is fully equipped with diaper changing seats and baby chairs to support people with babies going to the hospital.


Barrier-free design

With a barrier-free design with no steps, you can move with a wheelchair or stroller.


​ Separation of patient and staff flow lines

It is designed with privacy and safety in mind so that it will not be seen by other patients during treatment and will not pass by the staff who carry the equipment.

In addition, it is a semi-private clinic that takes privacy into consideration by providing a partition so that the next person cannot be seen.


waiting room

You can spend a relaxing waiting time in a relaxing space with bright natural light.


​Kids space

Safe for those with small children! We have a kids space. (Picture books and toys are not placed to prevent infection)


​Mouthwash corner

The mouthwash corner, which is set up so that it cannot be seen by other patients in the waiting room, can be used for brushing teeth before medical treatment and redressing after medical treatment without worrying about the eyes of others.


Elderly people who have difficulty putting on and taking off their shoes can enter without any hassle.


​ Counseling Room

In a bright private counseling room that takes privacy into consideration, we will listen to each patient's concerns and wishes, explain the oral condition and treatment, and provide consultation on children's dentition.

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