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​In-hospital introduction

I can't go to the dentist because my child is still small ...

I want to take my little brother!


Reliable family support to solve such problems!


Family clinic (there is a kids space in the clinic)

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We have a safe clinic for parents and children so that mothers and fathers can wait while playing while their children are within easy reach. A stroller can be put in as it is, so even people with babies can be treated with peace of mind.
* There is only one room, so please let us know when you make a reservation if you wish.


Kids space (you can enjoy waiting time)

We have prepared a kids space in one corner of the waiting room so that children can spend their waiting time without getting bored.


Restroom that is safe for children


The restroom is fully equipped with baby diaper changing sheets and baby chairs, so even those with small children can rest assured.

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